Pocket City Review

Developer: Bobby Li
Price: at $4.99 (iOS)

AppStore and Google Play crowded urban simulators that have the same goal – to squeeze with user more money for the crystals, the premium building and other husks. And now, finally appeared a good paid game called real City, where nothing. Interesting, isn’t it?

When you start the game offers two modes: sandbox mode and city mode. They differ in that in the first all at once revealed to you immediately given a million dollars to build in the second all it is necessary to gradually open. Most of the time we spent in the second mode.

The goal is to create a metropolis from scratch. Overall, a well-known goal of each urban simulation.

You have the opportunity to build three zones — residential, commercial and industrial (there is a chart showing which of the townspeople are in need). Building up them one at a time, you can develop. A little monotonous, but eventually join in this rhythm of life. You also have the opportunity to influence them, building up parks, beaches and attractions to attract more residents.

Anyway, after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that this is quite an interesting economic simulation, because these scales depend on the happiness of the population, which in turn depends on many different factors: the presence of traffic jams, availability zones, crime, the environment, health care, taxes and many other factors. And all this needs to be monitored and adjusted.

Over time, when the city will grow, there will be a variety of natural and local disasters. It may include looting, fires, tornadoes, volcano eruptions and many more. And it’s pretty cool, because these things are very diversify gameplay, and to watch these events a pleasure. Of course, with looting and fires can be easily overcome by building fire stations and police stations.

Of course, natural disasters can sometimes be incidents, as they completely destroy the structure on the land affected. For example, we had a volcanic eruption in the area of power plants and the entire city remained without electricity. But it is little things, so as to rebuild it all back almost instantly.

The space in which the action of the game was not too big, as early as the 30th level area of the city occupied half of the available space. But, in General this area is enough for the expanses of imagination because it suffices for all the necessary buildings and do not have something to demolish, to build new buildings.

Graphics is quite suitable for the game, but it is better not to examine it up close, as you can see that it is far from perfect.

And if you do not bring the camera, everything looks great. Sometimes it’s nice just to watch the life of your city. Cars drive on roads, pedestrians, ride bicycles or walk the sidewalks and go about their business. And in the woods you can see deer and other animals.

Overall, the game is very decent and very similar in terms of gameplay on the old Sim City.

It has a variety of opportunities for games and just watching life.


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