How to extend battery life in iOS 12?

Not so long ago, youtuber iAppleBytes found that iOS 12 the IPhone drains faster on average by 5-10 %. To verify this, we conducted a survey: it took part 2804 of people, of which 68 % have noticed that the battery started to discharge faster. For this reason we decided to make a compilation of ways on how to reduce the battery consumption in iOS 12.

Note: we do not insist on the limitation of all functions. For example, if you can’t live without Siri commands or the pretty animations in iOS 12, disable them is not necessary. Don’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of the battery.

Turn on power saving mode
Power saver mode helps to increase battery life of your IPhone. This feature disables the command “Hey, Siri”, background updates, automatically downloading apps and mail. In addition, it blocks visual effects in iOS. But if you have power saving mode is not suitable, you can disable all the extra on their own.

Close the application forcibly
After using the app, we don’t usually close it completely — it continues to run in the background and wasting the battery. If it bothers you, then go to multitasking and close everything that is not necessary.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Apple says that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth eat up a lot of power when working without a connection. However, the battery is spent, and all these modules should be disabled if you do not use them here and now. Fortunately, in the settings to get to them very easily.

Turn off automatic updates
When you install on IPhone any application, it appears on another iOS device and your Apple ID. This feature is very useful, but it consumes the battery.

In addition, automatic application updates, too, requires energy. Well, of course, when apps are updated, but if you want more control over battery consumption, it is better to disable this feature or configure it to update came only through Wi-Fi.

Control display
The display is the most voracious element of any smartphone. The IPhone is a function of the auto brightness adjusting the screen brightness in accordance with lighting conditions. Her only problem — it doesn’t always work. Therefore, the meaning of her spending battery no turn off “auto brightness” and adjust with the control.

The timer on the lock screen, do as little as possible. It so happens that we leave the phone and press the off button at this time, the screen drains the battery. Still, it would disable the activation screen when lifting the smartphone.

Disable Siri
By default, Siri is always ready to listen to your commands. So she didn’t eat the battery, go to settings voice assistant and turn off “Hey Siri”. Or even remove it from your smartphone.

Animation apps and icons also consume energy. To turn them off, you need to go to universal access and find the item “Reduce motion”. There switch the toggle switch, and the animation will disappear.

You can still limit the number of applications from which you come notice. It is best to leave only the most important to the phone once again not pulled and not discharge the battery.

Function that tracks your activity, the IPhone is enabled by default. But if you have some kind of activity tracker or the Apple Watch, then this feature just eats up the battery. Better to disable it.

Disable the my location
If you are not driving and are not in some strange city, a service location, you most likely don’t need. Save battery this feature you can just disable it, or give applications access to the location only when you use them.

Activity applications
With the release of iOS 12 in the battery settings, you can look at the graph of battery consumption over night. In this chart you can determine which apps are eaten by most of the charge, and if any of them will be useless — feel free to delete them.

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