How smartphone affect health

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life. However, despite the fact that they simplify our lives, these gadgets may cause harm to human health.

And so, how do smartphones affect people’s health.


As already mentioned, the smart phones simplify our lives. However, that’s why people are moving less, and that affects weight. It is not necessary to meet friends to talk, don’t go to the store – can be delivered and the like.


Because of the constant tilt of the head down to the smartphone can have an impact of wrong load on your back, which in result may lead to back problems. Also worsening the supply of blood to the brain, leading to headaches and fatigue.


Radiation from smartphones, but also not very convenient or too small font will negatively affect vision and may impair its function.


Hearing decrease, maybe not the phone and the headphones, which are very often used in pair with the device. This leads to induced hearing loss – process,when it is difficult to parse language, especially in the presence of background noise.


Light screen is impossible to put down before bedtime, affects the rest. This leads to insomnia and anxiety sleep. From 1991 to 2015, the number is not dosyaya teenagers increased by 57%.


Here again, guilty not so much the device itself as the social network, which we regularly review. Because in the virtual world users are spreading a “perfect” photo, which can cause depression in others.


The smartphone uses for a lot of everyday functions. If people knew the phone numbers of family and friends by heart, could recite several poems and identify the main dates of history, but now it’s not necessary. Therefore, as a result of deteriorating memory.

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