Hello Neighbor Review

Developer: tinyBuild LLC
Price: free

Hello Neighbor is a very uncommon game, which was released late last year on Steam, and now moved to iOS and Android. Users have rated the game in different ways, and we wanted to understand why.

Hello Neighbor developed by Dynamic Pixels. The publisher made TinyBuild Games, which released such hits as “Dungelot”, “Party Hard”, “Punch Club” and other famous games.

The plot of the game is the following: average summer day, you played ball, suddenly heard heart-rending scream from a neighbor’s home. Who could scream? You decided in that whatever was to find out what is happening there. So time after time you walk there and stumble on the same rake. That is, be prepared mentally for what will be caught so many times. It does not matter whether you put the mode “Friendly neighbor” or not. He will catch you again and again, especially if you play in Hello Neighbor for the first time.

Why in the first place? Because you simply will not know what to do, as a sequence of actions for the passing game, most likely simple and understandable only by the developers, but ordinary users will have to pore over that this sequence to understand.

In a huge house you will need to find five items that are in the most remote places. Further – more, as in the second act you will not be able to get away with a huge territory of a neighbor, and he will always get you out from under your feet, and in the third house becomes incredibly giant sizes, in which focus is very difficult even with the passage. Complexity adds time-of-day, because at night, almost nothing is visible.

Glad that you can run through almost any hole, be it door or window (need to pre-break, throwing him a subject).

In the second and subsequent times much easier, because you already will know approximately where that is.

The controls are well adapted for mobile platforms, although it is necessary to get used to. At first, terribly annoying that each button is assigned two actions, and not always the character does what you told him. So, the developers have combined the jump and the ability to sneak, the ability to put or throw objects.

Graphics of the game happy. All done efficiently and with scenery pleasing to the eye. The only thing that upsets – the “fish” eyes of the protagonist, but his face is almost never flickers, so can be forgiven for this “style of the mobile version”.

Separately want to note how the developers made the propagation model Hello Neighbor. The first act is available for free, and if you like the game, then here is your opportunity to buy the full game. Not like – well, in any case, you haven’t lost anything. I wish more developers adhere to this distribution model, as this would reduce the number of returns games and unnecessary spending.

Overall, Hello Neighbor enough game with elements of stealth and colorful graphics, which may disappoint users, there is the eternal possibility of being caught and finding items, which is not always amenable to explanation. Because of this, many of you want to spit on everything and give up. But on the other hand, it has its own intrigue, and really want to know what this neighbor is hiding in the basement.


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