Cool action games on iOS

Hipster Attack

Developer: Televisor Sp. z o.o.

Price: $2.99 (iOS)

In our days there are so many types of coffee that most ordinary black coffee to find it had become quite hard. Anyway in the new game called “Hipster Attack” he’s definitely in short supply. In this regard, in a world where it is almost gone, office plankton must defend the last bastions of black coffee.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the famous “Plants Vs Zombies”: you will need to collect the miracle drink and set the units that will save the coffeehouse from the angry hipsters. As defenders will play office workers, bouncers and many other people hungry for plain black coffee.

Perhaps the “Hipster Attack” is an attempt by the developers of the company Televisor just in an ironic form to show what is happening in society, but maybe not.

You expose selected workers on the left side, and the right to be hipsters. Currency for the purchase of new workers is the black coffee that falls from the sky or produced in coffee machines. There are more dollars that can be spent on temporary boosts, but it is possible to cope without them.

In General, the idea with the original hipsters, it is impossible not to recognize. Office plankton attacking them with job offers and the like. The result is a “humanization” hipster – fly mustache, forelock, beard, and then the clothes. In the end, confounded the adversary in his underpants runs away from the battlefield. If you fail and the enemy is coming to your worker, he was beaten and sizelove to the hospital.

In General, hipsters are similar to each other with slight differences in clothing. Workers are a bit more varied, but also differ not much.

However, to play “Hipster Attack” interesting, so probably download the game from below links and enjoy.

Fruit Master

Developer: Ketchapp

Price: free

In 2010 he released the legendary game Fruit Ninja. It was necessary to cut the fruit into small pieces and at the same time to be surprised by the possibilities of multitouch in the smartphone. Now, these engaged employees Ketchapp, who created the Fruit Master game where you need to throw knives and in parallel to prepare the cocktails.

Meaning at Fruit Master at least. The upper part of the playing field designed for rotating fruit. There are watermelons, oranges and lemons. Below is the blender and knives.

Last you can send a fruit bouquet in the conventional tap of the display. Right after pressing the weapon goes up. Task — to knock down all the fruit and not to miss. If the knife misses the goal, the passage ends.

Each successful level ends with a new cocktail. When there will be four, the game will offer spin the wheel of fortune. With it, you can win coins, crystals and other pleasures of life.

Cocktails will automatically go on sale and bring coins. The money can be spent on new knives and throwing stars.

To play Fruit Master easily. In this case the game drags on and makes you want to pass the level to the end (to do it right the first time is unlikely to succeed).

Overall, the game Fruit Master is a worthy representative of the genre of arcade games. There are no exciting storylines and high-end graphics, but the extra time the game spends a great.

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