Android And Ios: 6 Options Borrowed From Each Other

What is better iPhone or Android? Yes, this is the issue that causes dispute between Apple and Android users. He enters into a stupor when buyers choose a new gadget. And over the years, “iOs or Android?” harder to answer. Why? Because competitors constantly monitor each other, borrowing the best technologies and solutions into their system.

Want to know what’s new in Android 7 Nougat? Look at what’s new with iOs 11, and you won’t see a big difference. One tries something new, the second evaluates innovations and applies the best solutions in the new version of the system. The authorship of the technology is lost, and only an impartial comparison of Android or iOs can dot the i. And the first thing you need to do is figure out what they have in common and what they have managed to borrow from each other.

What’s borrowed from Android iOs?

  1. A thumbprint scanner: When acclaimed technology appeared in the iPhone 7 in a few months, she already boasted a new model of Samsung and Huawei. Those who are interested in what is new in Android 6 Marshmallow, you know that Android Pay without scanning a fingerprint will not come.
  2. Sleep: oddly enough, only with the advent of Marshmallow, the developers have taught the device to disable some background processes, giving the phone a “rest”. Before such option was only available to Apple users;
  3. Night mode: night mode Though – the option that Android was included in a test version of the Marshmallow, Apple was the first to implement it in serial production. That has generated a lot of debate between supporters of both companies;
  4. No need to open full screen to reply to messages: once a message arrives, it is immediately displayed on the main screen, and there it is also possible to answer it;
  5. Multiwindow mode: After Apple implemented this mode in the new iPad, Android it is finalized and began to include each new device. Now customers have option of one additional split screen with absolute spatial freedom of placement of the device;
  6. Text editing: Yes, something without which we cannot imagine the set of messages was first introduced in iOs. Although it is unlikely that Android developers would never think of that;

That iOS has borrowed from Android?

  • Control center: Samsung Smartphones used this option before it appears on iOs 7. The merit of Apple is that they made the control center more modern and attractive;
  • The ability to “hide content” If you ask, what is new in iOs 10, you will hear about the improved lock screen that can help “hide the contents of the notification”. This technology has long been used on Android devices, it is strange that Apple did not think about its application to iOs 10;
  • Convenient keyboard mode: not only that Apple made it a bit easier to type with one hand, he pioneered the use of machine learning techniques that made it no less convenient than the keyboard Android;
  • Offload Apps: Previously, the only way to clear the cache was to remove the application. A new option allowed to make the cleaning without deleting them on the device. Given the complexity when connecting additional memory in the Iphone, this innovation proved very useful;
  • Card notifications: One of the best lessons learned from Android – notification. Borrowed card system, Apple has simplified their removal from the lock screen and made them more compact;
  • Collaboration in notes, the ability to make video images on the screen of the device and to remove stock apps.

For what is worth buying on Android?

Despite the fact that much of the operating system from Google is borrowed from Apple, it is a number of advantages. And one of the key characteristics than iOs Android is better – more choice of devices supporting the system. If Apple releases 2 new devices per year, Android devices are produced much more.

Another important advantage is the large selection of apps. If the developer has released an app – it may not be a requirement in the AppStore, but PlayMarket will be no problems. Openness to outside developers and the ability to customize itself, helping to make the device better (though not increasing its security).

Even Android is better than Apple? An experienced Android user will tell you about the number of qualities:

  1. the ability to create accounts for other family members (which allows you to limit Internet use for children);
  2. the ability to install external memory: If you have a device with Android operating system, you can install media Micro-SD with an unlimited amount of memory. That still remains elusive for iOs users;
  3. easy battery replacement: unlike iOs users, Android users can equip yourself with several batteries and actively use the phone for several days.

For what should I choose iOS

IOS device have never been a great range. Access most of the settings are limited, and a number of parameters remain the same through internal resources of the device. Despite this, there are several characteristics that show iOS is better than Android:

  • long device support: despite the popular myth about the constant need to change the iOS, the company maintains them for over 4 years. While Android devices within 2 years, reduce the performance;
  • best quality applications: high demands on the AppStore do not allow low quality and unoptimized applications. Moreover, the developers of new applications always start with versions for iOS devices, giving their owners priority access to the new software;
  • frequent updates: updates for iOs devices are being released regularly and made available to all compatible devices. At the time, as updates on Android expect years;
  • greater efficiency and better optimization of the system: if you ask any Apple user what influenced the choice of device, most will note his speed. At that time, as Apple makes a system for a specific device, Android is able to do.

So which is better, Apple or Android? The answer to this question is individual, some people prefer freedom and individual adjustment, some reliability and speed. We prefer Android for the increased customization options and a large selection of devices. But if I needed the device to confirm the status, you should choose iOs device. If you want to know which system is more suitable for you, you will be able to answer by looking at the comparison table of these systems:

Criterion Android iOs
Supporting manufacturers Samsung, HTC, Acer, Asus, HP, LG, Huawei , etc. Apple
Personalization A large number of settings, changing the location of the icons. Most of the settings unchanged, high level of protection from external interference.
Family sharing The ability to create multiple accounts The ability to merge multiple Apple IDs
Support The system is less optimized, the efficiency decreases after 2 years The system is integrated into the device, is supported for 4 years
System update Not regular, depending on the device Regular, for all devices
Install external memory Limited, depending on the device No


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