Alto’s Odyssey

Developer: Snowman
Price: free

A team of three developers from Toronto, who calls himself Snowman, announced Alto’s Odyssey in late 2016. In early February, 2018 opened the pre-order, and last week the game finally saw the light.

The sequel Alto’s Adventure was not a revelation, but surpassed the original in all respects. And it’s great. Many have been waiting for a new hit more than a year, and going forward, I want to mention that we love it.

Indie Studio Snowman managed to elevate the idea of high-speed ski descent, to turn it from a relatively banal arcade in adult project class AAA.

The game Alto’s Odyssey will be nice to hang out, wearing headphones, in between the crazy tasks of everyday life. It is also suitable to relax on the way home at the end of a hard day.

During another of the endless descent on the Board in the head there are interesting ideas and steps for their implementation, is the intellectual relaxation.

Alto’s Adventure started the adventure story of a clever boy named Alto. He loves to conquer the mountain slopes to snowboard with friends and does it with feeling and sensibly.

In the first part of the game, he goes to the snow-capped Alps to drive through the local hills, forests, ruins and other locations, visit a local village and challenge their elders.

Alto’s Odyssey takes the gameplay of fierce snows in the middle of an endless desert. You don’t need to meet the first part of the game before you try the second is a new project, and you can start with it.

In the latest part of the game you will slide on the Board on the hot desert sand, balancing on the ropes that hold the balloons, perform stunts above the vineyards in the oases. You can see amazing canyons, temple city and many other locations.

In gameplay fresh adventure Alto is not much different from the first part. This is a side-scroller in which you roll down a mountain and automatically control the jumps and tricks by means of taps anywhere on the screen. But there are nuances.

In the new game there is an interesting element — a balloon full of hot air. We can start from it, and he famously springy, allowing you to overcome even the most wide chasm. It’s very exciting.

If you’re used to hills Alto’s Adventure and understand the laws of the game, there are brand new. Exactly over them, the developers had worked for.

In addition, the sequel has received a dynamic change of weather conditions and time of day, nearly two dozen new jobs, which will not give bored.

The game never ceases to amaze with each new call. It requires you to new approaches and not get bored despite the relatively monotonous gameplay.

On the slopes of the scattered coins, they will serve you in order to make the uniform in the workshop. Here you will be able to collect a helmet that will protect you from one collision with an obstacle, or pick, which will help to climb out of the gorge.

The game will introduce you to the mountain sections, which will slide as soon as you get a normal snowboard. This is a new mechanic that will add variety to the gameplay.

To begin your slide for the slice, tap the screen and hold your finger until you need to jump. If you don’t learn this, you will not be able to pass many obstacles in the game.

The developers have set a goal — to make the most interesting project for the user.

“…we focused on making the world of Alto’s Odyssey was so magical as possible…” (Ryan cash, founder of Snowman, in an interview with Red Bull)

“Alto’s Adventure was the beginning of a history for our characters that we will be able to tell for many years.”

The game looks truly incredible, she has great music and even a special Zen mode, which offers to surf its expanse without constraint.

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