5 reasons to use Telegram for business

Telegram was created by Pavel Durov (founder of Vkontakte social network) in 2013. Telegram is a fast messenger that conveys messages and allows people to correspond with each other, or a group chat type WhatsApp and Viber. This messenger was initially “locked” by an English-speaking audience, because it is a huge reservoir of people living on Earth. Today the number of users exceeds the Telegram for 100 000 000 people.

The service is based on encryption technology of correspondence, as at one point the founder realized that he had no secure method of communication with other people.

What is so remarkable Telegram and why it is more suitable for business? The answer is in our article!

1. Secure messages. Using the software to communicate with partners and business colleagues, you can be sure that these messages no one will intercept, and they will not fall into the hands of the wrong people. The program allows you to create a secret chat in which messages are encrypted and deleted without saving.

From December 2013 until April 2014, Pavel Durov held competition on the transcript of his secret chat with his brother Nicholas, who is the developer of the technology. At stake is $ 200,000. The winner got half the money because he found a flaw in the program, but was unable to decipher the message.

2. Create chats and groups. Telergam tied to your phone number by receiving a SMS code to activate the application. In the program you can create chats and groups for colleagues, clients, employees and associates. Creating groups allows you to send quick messages to your audience that is literally in your pocket (phone).

Of course, the Telegram does not negate the e-mail marketing. But given the fact that the success rate of email today is 5-10%, and from ending up in the SPAM folder almost no one is immune, the program allows you to communicate with the audience at close range.

In addition, while Telergam was just gaining popularity, all users have the opportunity to take not yet busy beautiful names of channels. Subsequently, these names can be sold, as it happened with domain names.

3. Fast messenger. Telegram — perhaps the quickest messenger, which today exists in the world. Sent messages are compressed and delivered to the addressees even at low speed Internet. Cross-platform program allows to receive a message not just for phone but also for iPpad and computer. If you had an important message for you but lost your phone, read the message, you can simply visit the website of the program.

4. Sending video files up to 1.5 GB. Because the app works very fast even with low-speed Internet allows you to send videos up to 1,5 GB in chats and groups.

5. There Is No Spam. Company policy stated that the program will not send advertising messages and SPAM. Also, the creators promise that the service will never be paid.

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